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*Save Fry's Receipts (September - March) to buy educational materials.

*Provide Tax-deductible scholarship support for a child to attend "Wings of Words."

*Donate new or used items on our Fall 2000 "Wish list" below:

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Fall 2000 Wish List

Items for Children

    • toddler toys
    • Fisher-Price playsets
    • puzzles (under 20 pieces)
    • books
    • 4 oz paper cups
    • children's bookcase
    • sturdy children's chairs
Office Supplies (e.g., computer paper, paper clips, staples, scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape)
    • Polaroid film
    • blank audiotapes
    • blank videotapes
    • computer disks
    • audiotape players
    • computers with CD Roms
    • VCR
    • lawn mower
    • edger (for trimming grass around sidewalks)

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